Stealable ideas from Ikea catalog 2016

The Ikea catalog is out! As usual, the styling is beautiful and imaginative. These are my favorites:

Ikea catalog 2016 - book shelf styling
The textures, fabrics, grays — so much to absorb in this picture. I’m taking notes, as I have two gray couches of my own I’m not always sure what to do with.
Ikea catalog 2016 - chandelier
The paint color is perfect, but that chandelier has my attention.
Ikea catalog 2016 - bench in kitchen
The bench in front of the island is space-saving genius. Doesn’t hurt that the cushion is black and white striped — my favorite!
Ikea catalog 2016 - tablet holder
Sleek tablet stand? Yes, please.
Ikea catalog 2016 - shelf as room divider
This room also has a lot to take in. Is that moulding above the inexpensive light fixture? I love that! I actually have that light. I think I might have to copy. Using the shelving unit to act as a partial room divider is also clever, as well as the storage above the work space. This would be an ideal setup for a studio or small apartment.
Ikea catalog 2016 - corks put together
Six repeat cork boards equals one creative and changeable workspace.
Ikea catalog 2016 - hanging planter
I need a couple of these hanging planters! Green leaves add so much warmth and color to a space.
Ikea catalog 2016 - plant stand
I also love this plant stand idea on a white wall.
Ikea catalog 2016 - shelf above bed
Narrow shelves across a large wall is visually striking. I also like that one of the pieces is hung instead of propped up.
Ikea catalog 2016 - knit drawer dividers
Ok, these basket organizers are lovely.
Ikea catalog 2016 - baskets
And I’m going to need both these white AND natural baskets!
Ikea catalog 2016 - nursery
This is a pretty, neutral version of their older, blue canopy. I kind of want to buy one just to see what it will do in this space.
Ikea catlaog 2016 - kid organization
This very much appeals to the organizer side of me, but slightly offends the minimalist side of me. Still, I can’t stop dissecting it.
Ikea catalog 2016 - kids bathroom
I like everything about this photo. The pattern on the towels, the basket tower, the benches, the shower curtain …
Ikea catalog 2016 - kids
What fun new kid additions!

Take a gander of the new catalog for yourself here. What are your favorites?

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