Organizing around the house

Organized medicine cabinet

My nesting has kicked into full gear. I cannot seem to stop myself and my giant belly from organizing everything I see.

This medicine cabinet is what set off my obsessive spree. I pulled out everything and discarded what had expired or was almost empty, and that took care of most of of our mess.

I stole the little drawers from the depths of our garage for smaller items. Then I used a clear container for “kids” and another one for “I’m getting a cold.” That’s what I call the box on the bottom with vitamins, supplements, and cough drops for that panicky moment you realize you’re getting sick.

See this list for more “I’m getting a cold” box ideas. And this is what I do with my everyday medicine/vitamin storage.

I’m sorry I have no before pictures. I was too hypnotized to realize what I was even doing.

Organized kids medicine cabinet

We have a few medical supplies in the boys’ medicine cabinet and linen closet, so I organized/tossed stuff there next.

Organized kids linen closet

I keep sheets, towels, hair cutting supplies (left blue box), and first aid supplies (right blue box) in their linen closet. I’m still pretty bad at cutting hair, but it’s gotta click at some point, right? My grandmother sent my oldest a birthday card with $25 so he could “go to a professional.” So maybe not.

Shelf styling in boys room

After the bathroom organizing, I walked into Luca’s room and could no longer stand his cluttered bookshelf. I put the toys away and organized the rest. I have no idea why. It will stay this way for 45 minutes.

Organized drawer just for cards

Not even my card drawer was safe. I pulled everything out and tossed odd envelopes and cards I’ll never use. It was much easier to see what I have. I like to keep a variety of cards (sympathy, birthday, get well, baby) stocked in my drawer from the dollar store to avoid the last minute purchase from the grocery that runs you $4. See more of my favorite dollar store purchases here.

That’s all I had time for today. What’s on your organizing to do list?

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