All white master bedroom

White master bedroom styling

I was holding off posting this room until we had a light fixture installed, but with a little one coming soon, I’m realizing I better take a picture of this room before it gets hit by Hurricane Baby.

Peaceful master bedroom

The master bedroom was my first priority when we moved into our house last year. With the chaos and mess of moving (especially with two small kids), I wanted one room to feel complete, to be a peaceful place to rest our heads.

I decided on all white for our serene escape. I imagine at some point I will add in some color and layers, but for now I’m enjoying the calming emptiness without the toys and primary colors that bombard our living area.

Beige walls and white walls for dimension

I painted the beige room a slight off white (Sherwin Williams White Flour), but I left the walls beige in the hallway and niches on top for visual interest.

White furniture and walls in bedroom

I didn’t have to buy much for this room, just some sheer curtains, bedspread, and rug (Costco). All of our furniture was jumbled together after our move, making it easy to take different pieces that belonged in different rooms of our old house.

White modern couch with black and white photos

I took the couch from the front sitting room and reconfigured it to fit in the corner.

Marcello couldn’t understand why my mom and I thought it was a great idea to put it in the bedroom. It’s bulky and “how often will you actually sit there?” he asked. And now guess who sits on it every day as he puts his shoes on? I like to do my Bible study there with the door closed — away from my lovely children. I think it works because it is white, like the walls, and doesn’t take up much room visually.

I also nabbed the dresser from the boys’ room old nursery, painted it, and changed the handles for an update:

Old dresser makeover - white with black pull handles

Dresser styling

White furniture and walls in master bedroom

White and gray sofa

White textiles

White bedroom

All white master bedroom

You saw it, and I have proof. Our bedroom was once clean and even had the bed made. After baby’s arrival in a couple months, I’m sure it won’t be quite so serene. (But really, that’s perfectly fine by me if it means I get to finally meet this little girl!)

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12 thoughts on “All white master bedroom

  1. Thanks for sharing your bedroom, I love it! I am currently making our master all white too…just need to paint our walls. I plan on incorporating greenery into the room as our pops pops of color for now. May I ask where your lamps and rug are from? Also, i think we have the same coverlet!

  2. Oh yes, I knew I was forgetting something…where did you find the long sheers? I have sheers already but they are the 84″ length.

  3. Hello! I just found your website/blog yesterday and I love it all! I was searching for baby book ideas, and yours came up-I’m so glad it did! You have a great style, and I feel like we are kindred spirits on so many things! Thanks for the great posts, keep ’em coming!

  4. Oh, and your bedroom looks so peaceful and relaxing- love the idea of a couch in the bedroom. Makes sense to me ;)
    What type of plant do you have on your nightstand? I love the simplicity of it.

  5. Thanks Jessica! I guess great minds think alike :) White is refreshing, isn’t it? The lamps were gifts from my mom several years ago. They’re from Vera Bradley. The rug is from Costco, and I got the sheer curtains on Amazon. They have different lengths to choose from.

  6. I’m the opposite of a botanist! I have no clue what the plant is — I just clip random things from our yard and put them in vases. Sorry!

  7. Thanks, Amy! I’m no help here, I’m afraid. My mom snagged the couch for me on the cheap because it was discontinued 5+ years ago.

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