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Super easy envelope pillows

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make envelope pillow covers. I used a curtain, which worked great because the fabric was cheaper than buying it by the yard, and I could use the existing hem (which looks much more professional than mine, by the way).

DIY envelope pillows

How to make easy envelope pillow covers

I’ve been debating what to do with two identical couches that face each other in my living room. I love the eclectic look of different textures and patterns stacked together in magazines, but I know with two boys they will never stay like that. In fact, with two couches it would probably end up looking too busy.

Instead, I think we need comfortable, usable, simple pillows that match. I decided four would be a good number and after pricing some pillows online (why are pillows so darn expensive?), I decided I would be making my own!  

Make an envelope pillow out of a curtain

One day at random I spotted this lone green velvet curtain panel in a clearance bin at World Market. It was marked down to $8. That works!

Making envelope pillows out of a curtain panel

I swiped pillows from the boys’ beds that were large enough and full enough. The curtain panel was just big enough to cover all four. Whew.

Here are the details in case it helps: The curtain panel I bought is 54″w x 84″h. My pillows are 20″x20″. After I cut off the end seams off of the curtain, I was left with a little over 75″, which I divided into four 19″ sections. So I cheated my pillows by an inch all the way around, but I like them a little fuller anyway.

Here’s how I made the pillow covers:


  • Curtain panel (or fabric)
  • Pillow insert
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread and bobbin
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen


It took me an hour and a half to complete (with interruptions from munchkins).


  1. Cut strip the width of a pillow. (19 inches in my case)
  2. Turn fabric back side down so you are assembling it inside out.
  3. Roll the top down half the width of the pillow (9.5 inches). This will be the seam that shows on the outside. If you’re not using a curtain, you might want to hem this part — or even just fold it over half an inch to fake it.
  4. Pull the bottom of the strip up, bending where the bottom of the pillow would go (19 inches).
  5. Cut off the excess from the bottom of the strip after allowing 5 or 6 inches of overlap.
  6. Pin where the layers overlap on the sides.
  7. Sew both sides.
  8. Turn right side out and stuff in insert.

Easy DIY envelope pillow

Envelope pillow instructions

It’s so easy I feel like I’m over explaining it! I’m no seamstress (I can only sew straight lines) and I had no problems.

DIY envelope pillows from a curtain

How Luca tests pillows:

How to test a pillow

He says they’re good.

Easy envelope pillow covers

Anyway, I’m happy with my new envelope pillow covers — and especially pleased that they only cost me $8. This is definitely a project I will repeat in the future.

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