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Pom pom curtains and curtain tricks you might not know

I came across Pottery Barn’s pom pom drape and knew it was something I had to do for my baby girl’s room. Their 96-inch drape has a $109 price tag — for one panel! Ouch. I went to work on making them cheaper. And pinker.

Sew pom pom trim to plain curtains for a fun touch

How to make pom pom curtains


  • Plain white curtains. I bought Ikea’s white Ritva curtains, in the 118-inch length (two panels for $35).
  • 1-inch pom pom trim. I found this pink trim at Joann Fabrics ($14 for 7 yards — that was with a 50 percent off coupon).
  • Sewing machine. Though, of course, you could do it by hand. It would make it easy to take off at a later date too.
  • Matching thread and bobbin
  • Scissors

How to sew pom pom trim curtains


You can sew the trim to the outside or inside of the curtain. I chose to sew mine on the inside so that the just the pom poms poke out when I hang them. I wanted it to be a subtle touch, but a bold color could be striking, lining the outside of the curtain too.

Here’s a view of the inside of the finished panel:

Ikea Ritva curtains with pom pom trim

It’s a fun detail for little money. I started to say “and for little time,” but truth be told every time I get out my sewing machine it’s an ordeal! I don’t have the right color thread. I can’t get the bobbin threaded properly. Or the bobbin runs out half way through my project. So, I don’t love sewing (and I’m not at good at it), but I do like the finished product and knowing that I saved money.

And while I’m on the fascinating subject of curtains, here are a few tricks I’ve learned:

Curtain ideas

Buy two sets of curtains for an average-size window to make a wall of curtains

1. Make a wall of curtains.

Pinterest has taught us to place the rod as high to the ceiling as possible and to extend it beyond the window, but why not take it further and make a wall of curtains? I used two sets of curtains on this average size window for impact and to add a softness to the room.

Fake pleats with curtain clips

2. Fake pleats

I like curtain rings because they are easy to slide back and forth. My mom taught me this little trick, to gather the fabric in a little pleat before clipping on the ring. It’s an easy detail to make your curtains look more custom.

Control your curtain puddle with a rubber band

3. Control your curtain puddle with a rubber band.

I prefer my curtains on the long side rather than short, but these ended up being a little too long. I cannot remember where I read about this, but you can use a rubber band to gather the extra curtain and make your perfect puddle that will stay put.

Buy two sets of curtains for an average-size window to make a statement

There, I believe I have exhausted the subject of curtains. Looking a little bare and boring in there. I better move onto the next nursery project.

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19 thoughts on “Pom pom curtains and curtain tricks you might not know

  1. This is SO CUTE! Such a great idea to dress up these curtains! I have some VIVAN white curtain panels in our playroom and this would add so much to them! Thanks so sharing!

  2. I used about 2 and half inches of fabric and folded it three times to go in the clip. Does that help??

  3. What a great pleat hack! I am making a curtain room divider and I think it will add the perfect amount of detail. Where did you buy your curtain rings?


  4. Ben dit donc, j’y étais moi aussi cet apr-Ãs¨midi ! Je suis allée y acheter des graines de poivre et on ne s’est pas vue ! Incroyable, il faudra que l’on remédie à cela ! Il est super gentil Bruno, avec lui j’ai parlé d’Egypte !

  5. I cant think:) Do I need a curtain much wider than my window if i am doing the pleats? I am struggling with a curtain for my bay window.

  6. The pleats don’t take much extra fabric, but I would get one wider than the window so the curtain looks nice and full :) I like to hang the rod as close to the ceiling as possible too, so I opt for long curtains too. Ikea has lots of great, affordable options.

  7. Could you share what size poms you used? I am looking at purchasing off of Etsy to get the color I want but I’m not sure what size poms I should be looking for. Thank you!

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