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Building an affordable maternity wardrobe

Looking online I see so many beautiful maternity clothing options! There’s just one problem — my budget.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to invest a lot in clothes you’ll wear for about six months, so we gotta have a plan. I’m looking for stylish maternity basics that will mostly work in any season and interchange easily. Here’s my plan:

An affordable maternity wardrobe

I found all of these at Old Navy and Target, which seem to be the most affordable options — especially if you can grab some sales. Plus, who wants to pay shipping from four different places? I hit a recent online sale at Old Navy and bought three tops, three pairs of pants, and a dress for $85. Pretty good.


Affordable maternity tops

White tank |  Black T |  Striped top or similar  |  Cambray shirt or similar  |  Jersey swing top

These are great for layering or by themselves. You can borrow one of your husband’s collared shirts to save one purchase. And your pre-pregnancy collared shirts are great at hiding the first-trimester bulge when you can still fit in them. I also wear this top (similar to the jersey swing top) quite a bit that is nice and loose for the beginning, but it also works well now that I’m bigger too.


Basic maternity bottoms

Black leggings |  Yoga capris  |  Jeans  |  Ankle pants

It seems you can get more creative with tops that you already have, but pants end up being a necessity to buy. My last two pregnancies I avoided buying leggings and yoga pants because I didn’t want to spend the money, but this time around I know better. Regular leggings just won’t stretch enough and I spend a lot of time in yoga pants! Jeans can be expensive, but are usually worth the investment to buy some that fit well. I threw in some fun red, dressier pants just for fun. You can’t have black and gray everything!

And a word about underwear: Don’t feel guilty about going to the store and buying a pack of cotton Hanes granny panties in a size bigger to get you through. It’s worth the $8 comfort in this girl’s opinion.


Affordable maternity dresses

Sleeveless dress  |  Striped dress  |  Smocked dress  |  Maxi dress

My favorite pieces of maternity clothing are dresses. Actually at the end of my first pregnancy, they were the only thing I could fit into! Maxi dresses in particular are my best friend. They flow and drape and feel free on a growing baby bump. You don’t have to look in the maternity department to find options either. Two of my favorite maxis are from Target’s juniors section (sorry, apparently no longer available).


Maternity accessories

Jean jacket  |  Necklace  |  Tote  |  Flats  |  Scarf

Colorful scarfs, statement necklaces, sweaters, handbags, and belts can all dress up maternity basics. Obviously you can use what you already have in your closet for these. I included a maternity jean jacket here, but I use my pre-pregnancy jacket — it just doesn’t even come close to buttoning.

I hope these ideas help you come up your own pregnancy wardrobe. Don’t forget to shop your own closet first (and your husbands, if he’ll let you!). You might be surprised at some options you already have.

6 thoughts on “Building an affordable maternity wardrobe

  1. Thank you for making this post! I love that all your pieces are normal clothing items that you could find anywhere! I am just past 20 weeks with baby #3 and as soon as I can justify the time I am going to use this post as inspiration to pare down my closet, you know, all those sizes that don’t fit now!

  2. I am 23 weeks with baby #8! I just found this pin and love it! I am so fashion blind that I love that you put in the assembled outfits. This is so helpful. My husband has been complaining about my closet use. This should really help me pair down. Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations on baby #8! That’s amazing. I’m so glad you like the wardrobe capsule. Now you’ll have to share all your parenting tips with me! haha

  4. Kate, I would be honored to help you in any way possible. What a great example of biblical application! Ask away.

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