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Homemade sweet potato chips in coconut oil

Sweet potato chips in coconut oil recipe

My friend Ashby came up with a genius, simple way to get her son to eat sweet potatoes. She sliced them and sautéed them in coconut oil! They’re nutritious and have a flavorful balance of salty and sweet. I’m in love with the mild coconut scent and flavor the oil adds to the orange power food.

They’re great as a side or just by themselves as a snack. My whole family loves them too. Even my dad, who professes to loath sweet potatoes (and coconut for that matter), couldn’t stop himself from stealing them off the plate beside the stove as I was cooking them. In fact, after we each snuck one here and there, I had about three left to put on each plate!

Here’s what to do:

Ingredients for homemade sweet potato chips


  • Sweet potatoes
  • Coconut oil
  • Coarse salt

Healthy homemade sweet potato chips in coconut oil

To make

  1. Scrub and peel sweet potatoes.
  2. Slice potatoes thinly.
  3. Heat small amount of coconut oil (coating the bottom of the pan), and sauté potatoes on medium-high until brown on both sides. You’ll probably have to do a few rounds, depending on how many potatoes you cook.
  4. Place slices on a paper towel and sprinkle lightly with coarse salt.

Homemade sweet potato chips

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