Country House: Brown and yellow master bedroom

This is the second in an occasional series featuring rooms in my parents’ charming Midwestern country house.

Chocolate brown walls in master bedroom with cream and yellow accents

My parents’ bedroom walls were white for years. I always told my mom how soothing I thought it was, but she would tell me she hadn’t decided what to do.

Then one weekend I came home and the walls were dark brown. It was stunning. And dramatic.

That’s the thing about my mom. You never know how the house will look when you come home. The dining room might become the Christmas tree room. The hallway ceiling might be painted mint green. She’s always thinking outside the box — and it’s always beautiful.

Large scale yellow flower art in gold frame

I think the large-scale floral art gives the room a personality. They balance the moody walls with a more playful, relaxed tone.

Canary yellow flower pillows

And her pops of yellow are carefully selected and happy.

Dark brown chocolate walls in master bedroom with yellow accents

Dark brown walls with cream furniture

Bold yellow flower art

That’s my mom, brother, me, and dad in the left picture. And that’s the chubbiest four-month-old baby you’ve ever seen with Marcello, Dad, and brother, Chris, on the left.

Chocolate brown, yellow and white master bedroom

She’s amazing, that mom of mine. Not only did she decorate the room, but she designed the floor plan too. How wonderful is that horizontal window on top of the other?

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  1. This is beautiful! I never would have thought to pair the brown with yellow, but I’m absolutely in love with it. Pinning this for sure! I found your blog via the Mommy Bloggers website and I just wanted to stop in and say hi and that I love your blog. I blog over at and am a Board Member at I just wanted to invite you to become a member of our group and start sharing your content with our network. I look forward to connecting with you!

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