Country House: Floral laundry room

This is the first in an occasional series featuring rooms in my parents’ charming Midwestern country house.

White pink and green laundry room

I’m excited to start this Country House series starring my family’s beautiful home set in the Indiana farmland! Every so often I’ll post another room of my mom’s creation. Today I’m starting with the laundry room. I’m having issues deciding what to do in my own laundry room (and when I say room I actually mean small area), so selfishly I wanted to begin here.

Country house laundry room with white cabinets and floral wallpaper

My mom has never been afraid to go bold. She loves color and uses it expertly in each room of her house. She says that when they moved in, the painters thought she was crazy because she had them paint one room red, one blue, one purple (my lilac bathroom I’m still in love with!), one yellow. She promised them she wasn’t actually starting a circus.

And I can tell you she knew what she was doing. Her house is tastefully colorful, layered, and cozy — the kind of cheerful place you feel that makes you feel right at home. You’ll see what I mean as the series continues.

Shelves above washer and dryer hold extra vases and canisters

Floral wallpaper in laundry room

Pink and green floral wallpaper

Green shelves in floral country house laundry room

She uses the green shelves above the washer and dryer for extra pitchers and vases. The open shelving is great for storing pretty things.

Floral wallpaper in feminine

Fresh flowers with floral wallpaper backdrop

These are fresh-picked flowers from her own garden that can be seen right outside the window.

Open countryside window

Not too many laundry rooms boast this kind of view!

Country garden with picket fence

Spacious country house laundry room

Stay tuned for the next room in the series, the master bedroom!

8 thoughts on “Country House: Floral laundry room

  1. I Came across your mothers lovely wallpaper in her laundry room. Could you please inform me of the name of it and manufacturer? website I could purchase it from? Thanks so much.

  2. Norma, I’m so sorry, I asked my mom and she doesn’t have the info any longer. Anyway, I doubt it would still be in print as she bought it about 20 years ago. I’m going to her house in a couple weeks, I’ll check again just in case :)

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