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Women’s travel pack checklist

This list looks long, but I actually pack pretty light. I wasn’t always a careful packer, but after traveling a couple times when I planned outfits in advance, there was no turning back.

The key is to choose a color palette and make sure the pieces are all interchangeable. This way you only have to bring one or two sets of shoes (instead of a pair for each outfit like I used to do!) and just a few pieces of jewelry and accessories.

Women's travel pack list

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Images:  Tote  |  Suitcase  | Cardigan |  Scarf  |  Sunglasses
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And a bonus is that you have less to unpack when you get home. To me this is the worst part of packing. Ha! I still have a suitcase on my bedroom floor at this very moment that needs emptied.

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3 thoughts on “Women’s travel pack checklist

  1. Interesting, list. Given the baggage limits in effect for domestic flights in much of the world, women might remember that personal products can be bought overseas also. The only items that are harder to find in poorer nations are individually wrapped bandages, tampons, and hair conditioner if you have chemically treated hair. On our list we also include an electric strip if you have a lot of devices to charge. Regards,

  2. Great list! And I keep my travel bath bag packed, so it is always ready to go, and extra travel minis together with it. I might just take out a few things for a shorter trip, or put in some things for a bigger trip.

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