Making it ok to stay in pjs all day

I’m one of those girls who loves her pajamas and has a hard time changing out of them when I’m around the house. It doesn’t help that I can’t leave my “adventuresome” two and three year olds alone for a second to get ready.

I’ve had to answer the door twice in the past week in straight up pajamas — and it’s a little awkward. And if I’m not wearing obvious pajamas, I’ve got on some ridiculous combination of something like yellow polka dotted pj bottoms and an oversized T-shirt of my husband’s. It’s awesome.

So, I figure if I have pjs that look like clothes, it’ll be better. Right? Like blurring the line between sleepwear and clothing. I think they call it loungewear, but that makes me think of an elderly lady draped in a long silk robe. That’s not the point …

Here are some affordable gray and coral, mix-and-match picks I’m going for:

casual wear - pjs that can pass for clothes - gray and coral

Meow tee: here or here | Coral tank | Gray tee | White tank | Floral leggings: here or similar  | Coral striped shorts: here or similarGray & coral leggings | Capri sweatpants | Loafers | Flip flops

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