A grateful mother’s day gift

thoughtful inexpensive mothers day gift

I’m not the most consistent holiday/birthday person. One year I might send you a thoughtful gift a week in advance, and then the next year I might completely space and you’ll get a phone call late in the afternoon. It is always my New Year’s resolution, and I’ve made progress, but at a glacial pace.

Anyway, this mother’s day I’m in the clear thanks to some inspiration from talented writer Ann Voskamp and her amazing blog, A Holy Experience

I made my own grateful jars for my mom and grandma with pretty ceramics and handwritten grateful cards inside. Some are deep and serious, and others are funny little things from childhood. I hope they’ll have as much fun reading them as I had writing them.

jar of thanks

grateful mothers day present

I am grateful card for mothers day

mothers day present for mom and grandma

The ceramics are from Hobby Lobby and the place cards are by Ann Griffin. 

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