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Two-year-old boy’s room

The boys each have their own rooms in our new house, which is amazing. The walls in both rooms were beige (along with everything else in the house!) when we moved in. The first thing I did was paint both rooms white before we put in the beds.

This morning I finally got around to working on Luca’s room — hanging art and putting in some of his things. Here’s a look at where I’m at so far, though I don’t think I’ll add too much more because I kind of like the simple spareness of it. That’s my opinion today, anyway.

blue green and red nursery 7

Blue green and red nursery

blue green and red nursery 6

Blue green and red nursery

Blue green and red nursery

Blue green and red nursery

I took a picture. I have proof. The room was clean and put together. It’s been 2 minutes. Operation Destroy may commence.

blue green and red nursery 8

4 thoughts on “Two-year-old boy’s room

  1. Hey there! Just stopping by from Top Mommy Blogs! I love this post, since I’ll be designing my very first nursery / room for my little 5 month old in just a few months (once the Navy tells us where “home” will be, haha)… love the photography and the simplistic style!

  2. Thanks, Gingi! I bet you have so many ideas for your first nursery. So fun. I hope you find out where “home” is soon so you can get started :)

  3. Thank you :) All the frames are from Ikea, but I made the prints myself. The letters are from Michaels and I painted them with acrylic paint.

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