Old dresser makeover

This week I made some good progress on our master bedroom. We’ve been moved in about a week, and I’m trying hard to stick to my plan and finish our bedroom instead of jumping from project to project around the house.

I’ve been using my imagination and rearranging/repurposing furniture to fit our floor plan, and this weekend’s project was this bamboo dresser. It was an ’80s hand-me-down from a house my parents’ bought. I used it in the boys’ closet in our last house, but now I need it in our bedroom for Marcello. (It’s the least I can do. I called dibs on the big closet and gave him the way smaller “man” closet.)

I just used a brush and some leftover white semi gloss paint to paint the bamboo (no special tricks) and added some black handles give it a little more life. (And what you see in the background wall corners is a green-beige color I was also working on covering up!)

Old dresser makeover - white with black pull handles

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