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How to shorten a lamp cord

I love having a small lamp on the bathroom counter for soft lighting, but I don’t love the long leftover cord look.

I got an idea to remove the black felt on the bottom and store some of the cord inside the lamp. I removed the felt on the bottom of my white ceramic lamp, but there was no space. I grabbed another small silver lamp I have and eureeka! — unused space on the bottom. So I pulled the cord through to the length I wanted and wrapped the excess inside the lamp, taped it, and put the felt back. No more ugly cord on the counter! The little things make me happy.

how to shorten a lamp cord

2 thoughts on “How to shorten a lamp cord

  1. Thank you for posting this! my daughters at the “oooh! cords, these look fun!” stage and I’ve been trying to find solutions to get them “out of sight, out of mind” LOVE IT!

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