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Glamorous bathroom accessories

Glamorous bathroom accessories in white and silver

lamp | candle | clock | mirror | soap | perfume bottles | tray

I’m going light, bright and glamorous in the master bathroom of our new house. I envision white towels, pretty soaps, and shiny silver trays with layers of white and cream colors.

Here is some elegant bathroom styling inspiration:

glamorous bathroom accessories
Home Bunch

Glamorous bathroom accessorizing and styling clock

glamorous bathroom styling with tray
Seventy Five Arlington
Glamorous bathroom accessorizing and styling white
Sarah Richardson via HGTV Canada
glamorous bathroom styling shelving
Designed by Jimenez Sophian, photo by Aaron Leimkuehler via Spaces
glamorous bathroom styling glass and silver
Sarah Richardson, Sarah 101
glamorous bathroom white
New England Home

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12 thoughts on “Glamorous bathroom accessories

  1. Stunning bathrooms! I actually really like the look of the little tray on the sides to help keep it neat. Not that it would ever happen in my home with kids

  2. My wife and I are planning to renovate our bathroom soon. There are so many cool accessories. This idea will definitely help us to renovate our bathroom. Thanks for sharing this. Have a good day

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