Eclectic modern inspiration board

I’ve been posting a lot about babies and toddlers recently, which is fine, but I’m itching to get designing again. We sold our house and have been a bit nomadic until we are able to close on another house. That time is growing closer, and my mind has shifted into overdrive with ideas.

Moving into a new house certainly makes you evaluate your current furniture — what should stay and what should go — and what pieces would make good additions. It also forces you to define you design style somewhat. (More on moving here.)

How do you describe your style? I’m not sure how to label mine — probably because it is ever-changing! It might be called something like modern eclectic or boho modern. I’m drawn to clean lines, minimal clutter, geometric prints, lots of white, natural wood, splashes of bold color, with a lived-in feel.

When I look at my furniture and accessory choices, it’s clear that I borrow from a variety of styles. In fact, I took the Real Simple style quiz (link below) and didn’t come up with any defined style because I picked from each category multiple times!

Here is my current style board for our new house:

boho modern inspiration board

Here are some fun design style quizzes if you want to try defining your own style:

Basket | Cable knit throw | Ceramic Bowl | Rocker | Turkish towel | Charcoal paint | World map | Pendant | Hexagon tile | Gardenia plant |  Geometric fabric

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