Ikea’s smart Lappljung Ruta pillow

I love black and white + I love geometric prints + I love a good deal = I love the Lappljung Ruta pillow from Ikea ($10).

I’ve had a crush on this pillow for awhile, but I’ve been seeing it everywhere and these designers have made me realize I need take the plunge. I was holding off because I wasn’t sure how to introduce it into my living room. I wondered it it would be too much or go with our furniture.

What I’ve learned from these beautiful photos: 1) Depends on the look you’re going for, but one bold pillow is enough for me. Two or more of these on the same couch could be distracting. 2) They look great with white and gray, but will work with most any color combination — and also with other patterns. Take a look.

Me and Alice
By Susanne Kings, Me and Alice
Photo by Zeke Ruelas
Photo by Zeke Ruelas
Via Modern Findings
By Kim Timmerman via The Style Files
LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillow love3
Via Style Me Pretty
LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillow love4
Via Design Sponge
Lappljung Ruta pillow
By Ry Turner, The Design Confidential
LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillow love
via Bliss at Home

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