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Rustic kids tree house inspiration

I had a playhouse as a kid and I loved it. There’s something special about having your own space outside to be a pirate or princess. We’re moving soon and I would love to be able to find a house that has space for one for my boys in the future.

I think I like the less-perfect tree houses that look like they’ve been assembled with leftover parts and from nature’s surroundings. They feel a little more authentic and kid-like to me. Here are the tree house pictures that have me inspired:

kid clubhouse inspiration ideas 3
Jane and Michael Frosh’s home in the New South Whales Blue Mountains, Australia, has the perfect clubhouse. Photos by Sharyn Cairns via Home Life
kids treehouse and clubhouse inspiration
The colors and shape of this tree house are great. I also like the rope railing and chicken ladders.
kids clubhouse inspiration
This tree house with a bridge would be great for anyone. If we had this, I would probably kick out all the kids so I could read a book in it.
kids treehouse and clubhouse inspiration
This sweet nest tree house was made by Mark Rogers. Via Traditional Home.
kid clubhouse and tree house ideas
How awesome is the shape of this A-frame tree house?
Designer: JJ De Sousa, Photo: Joshua McCullough via Oregon Home
This is actually a garden shed, not a tree house, but the colors and tin paneling strike a chord with me. Designer: JJ De Sousa, Photo: Joshua McCullough via Oregon Home
Gardens of Marqueyssac treehouse inVezac, France
I like the classic look of this Gardens of Marqueyssac treehouse in Vezac, France.

Fun clubhouse accessories

  • Bucket on a rope to pull things up
  • Tin can telephone
  • Mailbox
  • Flag
  • Ladder
  • Slide
  • Zipline
  • Rope bridge or rope ladder
  • “Keep Out!” sign
  • Tire swing

I’m not sure how I would manufacture one of these creative structures — I’m not handy in the least — but that’s a problem for another day. Today is about the inspiration.

Everyone deserves credit for their work. I don’t have information for some of these photos. If you know anything about them, I will happily credit.

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