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Kids snack ideas: Toddler trail mix

kid snack ideas - toddler trail mix

A couple weeks ago I was fumbling around in the pantry trying to get a snack for the boys and we had only a little of this and a little of that, so of course I dumped it all in together. It ended up being a great distraction in the doctor’s office as the boys picked through the baggies to find their favorite snack.

Because my youngest might choke on smaller raisins or peanut types of snacks, I’ve been sticking to the basic toddler snacks — cheerios, crackers, puffs, yogurt melts, etc.

I once read that a mom of older kids actually puts one thing in their bags that each of them doesn’t like so it takes longer to pick through. Pretty smart!

Side story: Happy Munchies makes these baked organic broccoli, kale and cheese puffs that you’ve probably seen in the baby aisle at the grocery. Kids love them, but when this cheese ball lover (but the real ones — the fried, orange, horrible-for-you, delicious ones) snatched one off Ashby’s son’s plate, I was shocked. They actually taste like kale! Bleh! Ashby likes to tell the story about how my face contorted into a horrible look of disgust and then slowly morphed into a face of false delight as I realized all three boys were watching me. “Those … are … so … yummy!” But they eat ’em up, so I’ll keep buying broccoli and kale puffs.

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  1. Loved reading the blog. I have been using 4 in 1 Trail Mix from True Elements – a clean label food brand 4 in 1 Trail Mix after my gym workout for breakfast and I find it very tasty and healthy. Thank you.

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