3 years of best baby buds in costume

baby puppy halloween costume

toddler pumpkin halloween costume

toddler spiderman costume

Ashby’s son, Trooper, and my Luca are five months apart. They’re best friends — whether they like it or not, as we say. And these baby best friends have shared Halloween costumes since the beginning: puppy suits (because clearly they needed padded fleece suits to help help them be chubby), pumpkins in the pumpkin patch (one of my all time favorite photos), and this year Spider-Man.

I fear this is the last year of matching costumes for our now very opinionated toddlers. This year Trooper wanted to be Spider-Man and Luca wanted to be a monster. Both costumes were at Costco for half the retail price, so what was I to do? I bought both for the sake of one more picture.

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