The small pleasures in life: Hear

I’ve started this small series focusing on the five senses. Everyday life — whether mundane and repetitive or hectic and chaotic — all blends together if you don’t stop to smell the roses. My idea is to take time to slow down and enjoy the little things, even if I’m stressed or feel impatient with life. We’re only here a short while, we might as well soak up the good as we battle the bad.

Next on my list is paying attention to God’s gift of hearing. Below are my favorite sounds. What are yours?

gift of hearing - favorite sounds

  • Champagne cork popping
  • Crackling fire
  • My children laughing
  • Water lapping the shore
  • A sweet little robin, whistling as she works
  • The breeze rustling through the trees
  • Freshly-fallen snow crunching under boots
  • Accustic guitar
  • My husband speaking Italian
  • Soft wind chimes at the lake
  • Favorite song on the radio
  • The crack thunder with the following taps of raindrops

the quieter you become the more you can hear - ram dass

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