Farewell to my boys’ first nursery

Boys nursery 1

We’ve decided it’s time to move. We still love our little house and are grateful to God for placing us here, but we have the opportunity to find something with more space, and we’re going to give it shot. It would be ideal if the boys could have their own rooms (they’re not sharing so well), and Marcello could do a lot more work from home if he had an office with a door (it’s a bit difficult with this space).

I think I will miss this little green room the most. Leaving my babies’ first nursery pulls on my heartstrings more than I expected. Midnight feedings, rocking, lullabies, snuggles, reading, blocks, dancing, puppet shows, horsey (and giraffe) rides. There are a lot of memories from a precious time here.

Before we took down the cribs to get it market-ready, I remembered to snap a few pictures. We’ll miss you, little green room.

Boys nursery 2

Boys nursery 6

Boys nursery 3 Boys nursery 3b Boys nursery 4 boys nursery with two cribs. green walls, red and teal accents  Boys nursery 7 boys nursery with two cribs. green walls, red and teal accents

3 thoughts on “Farewell to my boys’ first nursery

  1. Thank you! My friend got it for us from a consignment store for a $25 steal. The label on it says Lakeshore, but I don’t see it on their website. I’m sorry, that doesn’t help much.

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