10 kitchens with open shelving

I’ve been obsessing about kitchens with open shelving lately. They’re a nice contrast from ginormous kitchens with tons of big bulky cabinets. Open shelving seems a bit more organic and inviting.

That said, I wonder how much dust would gather. And then of course you would have to purge like mad (and probably do some shopping too!) in order to achieve a well-styled, cohesive look. No plastic festival cups or baby sippies will do.

Here’s a look at 10 beautiful kitchens with open shelving for inspiration:

open kitchen shelving with subway tile and butcher block counter
White, glass, and wood give this space interest, but still looks unified. I love a butcher block counter! This is perfection.
Designer: Sarah Sherman Samuel via Smitten Studio and Grey and Scout
all white open kitchen with open shelving
All white keeps things simple and elegant. This would be a good option if you have dated cabinet doors. Just take them off!
Designer: Gast Architects via Remodelista
CharmingSpaces, via signsaboutloveandlife
Navy and white with wood accents gives depth and sophistication.
Source: Charming Spaces, via Signs about Love and Life
white and gray kitchen with checkered floor and open shelving
I’m always a sucker for all white. And and those floors are amazing. Note to self: You MUST have a gray and white checkered floor as soon as possible.
Designer: Marie Rhoades, Sally by the Sea via Nautical Cottage blog
modern kitchen with open shelving and pops of blue
Pops of deep blue break up the pretty white and greige colors. Shelving across the window is interesting.
Source: VT Interiors
white kitchen with pops of color and open shelving
I love the the space above the sink used as a bookshelf for recipe books! It’s useful and adds color.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
outdoor kitchen with open shelving
It’s hard to get past the amazing pool, deck, doors, stools, and table to see the open shelves. But once you do, it’s a work of art.
Styling: Jeanne Botes, Photo: Micky Hoyle via New Zealand House and Leisure
kitchen with gray cabinetry and open shelving
Glass doors are also very pretty and eliminate the dust problem. The steely-blue color on the cabinets is striking. Loving the light fixtures and window, while we’re at it.
open kitchen shelving with turquoise pops
As I dissect this photo to understand why it works, I notice that everything is white with carefully selected pops of aqua. The other bright colors are brought in with nature — flowers and lemons.
white kitchen with open shelving
Wood shelving in the kitchen offers a more earthy feel than the clean crisp white ones. What an interesting corner, with the wooden bowls all gathered together at the top and all the white dishes gathered at the bottom.

Everyone deserves credit for their work. I don’t have information for a few photos. If you know anything about them, I will happily credit.

2 thoughts on “10 kitchens with open shelving

  1. I also love open shelving when it comes to kitchen. Because you can use your creative mind on how to make it one of your favorite part in your house. But my most favorite here is the all white. Thanks for these!

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