Meaningful prayers for kids

Meaningful prayers for kids

I am not a songstress or poet, and my prayers are not dripping with beauty. They are heartfelt and true, but they are messy and sometimes wandering. That is fine for me — I know God doesn’t need lyric genius to hear prayers from His child — but been I’ve been looking for some short prayer examples with some substance to say with my two year old.

He seems to remember most everything and absorbs new vocabulary like a sponge. I want to take advantage of this time to teach him not only to pray, but how to pray. I’ve searched around and found some lovely prayer examples to say with kids for inspiration:


Hold my hand, Lord, show me the way
Help me be grateful for every day
Show me the difference between right and wrong
Keep me safe, Lord, all night long
Give me direction on what to do,
lead the way, Lord, I trust in you


God Our Father, I’ve come to say
Thank you for your love today
Thank you for my family
And all the things you bring to me
Guard me in the dark of night
And in morning send you light


The teaspoon prayer:
Thank you God for the good things that happened to us today.
(ask child which good things they’re thankful for)
Sorry for when we were naughty.
(remember something we did that might need a sorry)
Please bless us tomorrow and help us to learn something new.


And I thank thee for they keep
Watch this night now over me
Teach me Lord to trust in thee
Many sins I’ve done today
Please Lord take them all away

Look upon me in thy Grace
Make me pure before thy face
Care for children alone and poor
Grant them Lord they blessings more
Care for all the family the same
This I pray in Jesus name
Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”


Gentle Jesus, hear my prayer
Keep me in your tender care
Be my guide in all I do
And help me live my life for you


Two little eyes to look at God
Two little ears to hear His word
Two little lips to sing His praise
Two little feet to walk His ways
Two little hands to do His will
One little heart to love Him still

Do you have a favorite prayer you say with your kids or that your parents said with you? Please share!

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5 thoughts on “Meaningful prayers for kids

  1. Every morning after breakfast my dad used to pray:
    “Our Father, we thank you for a good night’s rest and for this new day. Please be with us throughout today, and guide and help in everything that we do.”
    I still pray this sometimes.

  2. Hi. Iwas really grateful for me.
    I am muslem and we beleive also christ and I shall pray for all children to live in a pure and peaceful world.

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