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Best everyday kid songs (that won’t drive Mom and Dad nuts)

I’m sharing this Spotify playlist of folksy and sweet kid songs that Mom and Dad won’t mind humming along to.

My son doesn’t seem to mind those kiddy sing-along songs that have 50 kids singing all at the same time, but I do. One is OK, but after that it’s sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard. So when our sons were babies, Ashby and I looked all over for fun kid music that we actually could enjoy too. We shared our favorite finds with each other and finally created a pretty good kid music library together. Have a listen to our Top 20!

Spotify playlist of best folksy and classic kid songs that wont drive mom and dad nuts

  1. If All Of The Raindrops – Old Town School of Folk Music
  2. Who’s My Pretty Baby – Elizabeth Mitchell
  3. Let’s Samba – The Laurie Berkner Band
  4. Down Down Baby – Laurie Berkner
  5. Bluebird – Milkshake
  6. Three Is a Magic Number – The Jelly Dots
  7. Clean It Up – Laurie Berkner
  8. Green Grass Grew All Around – Pete Seeger
  9. Catch the Moon – Lisa Loeb
  10. The Littlest Birds – Be Good Tanyas
  11. Mister Rabbit – Stories and Songs for Little Children
  12. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens
  13. Baby Beluga – Raffi
  14. Crawdad – Orange Sherbet and Hot Buttered Rum
  15. Peace Like a River – Elizabeth Mitchell
  16. Down By the Bay – Raffi
  17. Shortnin’ Bread – Old Town School of Folk Music
  18. You Are My Sunshine – Elizabeth Mitchel
  19. To Everyone In All the World – Raffi
  20. Five Days Old – Laurie Berkner Band

See all playlists (lullabies, dance, holidays …) here.

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4 thoughts on “Best everyday kid songs (that won’t drive Mom and Dad nuts)

  1. Love this list! Have you heard the album, Rufus & Bea, by Tiny Prime? You may want to add a couple of their songs. Very not nails on a chalkboard. 😄

  2. Great list! Give Gordie “Crazylegs” MacKeeman a listen. His children’s album Folk for Little Folks Volume 1 is great folk music that is not annoying. Unless you listen to it constantly as we sometimes do!

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