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Dario and Lina’s small garden retreat

Small Italian garden

My in-laws have done something beautiful with the small plot of land outside their back door in Monsano, Italy. It’s a well-thought-out, relaxing retreat. Below, you can see what they started out with by looking at the neighbor’s yard. He grew privacy walls of ivy and topped them with jasmine that fills the air with its perfume.


Darios-italian-garden-after 2

He grows strawberries around the edges of the garden, tiny little Italian strawberries. Luca loved finding the ripe ones and popping them in his mouth.

Dario's garden strawberries

Over time, he has grown vines and grapes over the top for shade. Brilliant. And I know he’s not going for retro with this red light, but I dig it! — especially the contrast on all the green.


Darios italian garden details

Dario and Lina have put much thought and care into this small space and made it something special. I know who I’ll be calling for inspiration when I’m finally ready to start a garden of my own!

Darios small Italian garden

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