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Travel part 3: Pack list, outfits for baby and toddler

I could spend hours of fun coming up with outfits for to pack for a toddler girl, but God has given me two boys. And let’s face it, their clothes kind of all blend together into one blue and green, plaid and striped blob. So my idea for packing on this recent trip was to simply get almost everything to coordinate so matching was foolproof. You never know what is going to get dirty first, so if a shirt only matches one pair of pants, that just won’t do.

Because we had very few items of clothing, I was able to fit them all in the carry on, including the baby’s clothes. I stuffed everything in, including extra wipes and diapers, just in case we lost luggage on the way. (Not that anything would ever get lost in the Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.) I did have access to a washing machine during our two-week stay, otherwise I would have had to pack a few more items.

toddler boy travel outfits

Here’s a printable pack list for babies and toddlers that I use:

travel checklist for babies and toddlers

Click image to download above printable checklist.
IMAGES: T-shirt: Estella, bottle: Lifefactory, toothbrush: Violight Rockee, suitcases: Land of Nod, stroller: Babies R Us, zebra: Circo

Put checklists in plastic sleeves so you can reuse them with a dry erase marker |

I keep my checklists in a binder with plastic sleeves and use a dry erase maker to check things off. When I’m done, I wipe it off so it’s clean for next time.

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