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Travel part 2: Pack light travel clothes that mix and match

Traditionally, I have not been a great suitcase packer. I usually lay everything out, make my final decisions confidently, and pack it in. And then I add a little here. And a little there. And oh, maybe one more sweater. It might get cold unexpectedly, you never know. Until it’s busting at the seams and I’m sitting on it to get it shut.

But this last trip was different. It had to be, because our family of four of traveled to Italy for two weeks (to see Marcello’s parents) and rented a very tiny Fiat Panda.

Now we’re lucky that we are staying with family friends who already have all kinds of baby stuff, so we just needed the basics. But I still found it difficult to get ruthless. I Googled all about this tiny Fiat Panda and God bless the mama who actually took pictures to prove she could fit her two girls in car seats in the back (I don’t think my husband would have believed me otherwise). I also read that one large suitcase and one carry on will fit in the back. OK. We can do it!

So here’s what I packed for myself for spring/summer weather. (I’ll share what I packed for my toddler in the next post. And our travel experiences, well that’s for another post — or seven.)

pack list of travel outfits

If you’re more coordinated than I, you can swap out the black wedges for heels, but cobblestone, babies and heels together can only end in disaster for me! The woven bracelets were a hit with the boys. They played with them on my wrist and were distracted for at least a little bit. And I highly recommend rolling your clothes instead of folding them — saves space and helps eliminate wrinkles too.

Striped top: Forever 21, white pleated top: Forever 21, polka dotted tank: Anthropologie, white sleeveless: Forever 21, capris: , black jeans: Ann Taylor, green and white dress: Forever 21, T-shirt dress: Old Navy, blazer: Banana Republic, black flats: Anne Klein, coral and tan wedges: Chinese Laundry, black wedges: Target, scarf: Forever 21, turquoise necklace: Ralph Lauren, gold chain: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21

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8 thoughts on “Travel part 2: Pack light travel clothes that mix and match

  1. Hi i love the black walking shoes. Do you remember where they are from? I have a trip coming up and they would be perfect.

  2. Gaby, I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly where I got these, but if you do a Google search for “black mary jane tennis shoes” you’ll find lots of similar shoes. Hope that helps!

  3. I was having trouble finding the shoes online again (apologies Gaby!), but I’ve finally tracked them down. They’re by Anne Klein and you can find them here.

  4. Hi! I’m sooo glad I found this as my husband and I are traveling to Italy next month with our one year old son.

    Thank you for sharing the realities of traveling with small children, and being so honest about your experience and your feelings.

    Do you mind if I pick your brain with some questions?

    Thanks again!


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