Free “Knock, baby sleeping” sign

I order practically everything online — from toothpaste to clothing to weather stripping for the door. I just can’t get much done with a 9 month old and a 2 year old. They’ll give me one errand a day, tops. So that means a lot of deliveries and a lot of door-bell ringing. And a lot of door-bell ringing will send a mother of a sleeping child into A TIZZY. An irrational, hair-pulling, I-will-kill-you-until-you-die-from-it tizzy. Do NOT mess with our rare moment of peace and quiet. Am I right? Ahem. I mean the poor child needs his rest …

So this is my gift to the poor unsuspecting delivery men and women who don’t know what they’re walking into — a warning sign. Consider yourself warned (wink). Choose from 4 color choices. Fits in 2.5×3″ frame. (Don’t choose “auto rotate” in print preview and it will print the correct size.)

Please knock baby is sleeping printable

Click image to download full size.

Please knock, baby is sleeping

Or in case you really have your hands full:

please knock babies sleeping sign for twins

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9 thoughts on “Free “Knock, baby sleeping” sign

  1. I actually found one very similar at Michaels… Any chance you would be willing to make a “babies” sleeping sign?

  2. It so happens that I need to reprint one for myself (it’s pretty sun faded), so sure, I’ll make a “babies” sleeping sign while I’m at it.

  3. I cannot for the life of me get this to print the correct size. 2.5×3!!! It prints out jumbo size!! And my printer doesn’t have the auto thing you talked about to make it print the right size. Does this make sense? Any ideas that might help. Super cute sign btw obviously since I am trying to print it =)

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