Diaper bag checklist

As I’m ready to run out the door with the boys, I do a mental checklist as I stare into a half-empty diaper bag. It takes us about an hour for us to get ready to go anywhere, so we’re usually running late. I end up throwing some things in the bag last minute and hope for the best.

While visiting my parents’ house a couple months ago, I forgot diapers. Rats! “They call it a diaper bag for a reason,” my mom pointed out. Diapers are pretty obvious, but I’ve also forgotten baby food, water, my wallet (thank you, lady at Starbucks who gave me a free black tea), nursing cover — you get the idea. So I decided to have a printed checklist close by so I can see it in a rush. I jazzed it up a bit for you, if you want to print it off.

Diaper bag checklist

Click image to download printable checklist.

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