Key tag labels on toy bins

In an effort to tackle this …

Key chains as labels on toy bins

… I bought some dollar store bins to help organize our growing mess. The day I went in they had these cute red ones with metal handles.

Key tags with metal rims worked great as labels for my cheapo bins. They were $4.30 for 50 on Amazon. Not bad. I’m already trying to figure out how I will use the other 44. (Well, make that 42. Apparently Luca needed to label a couple things too and confiscated 2 of them.)

Key chains as labels on toy bins

I drew pictures on the labels instead of words in hopes Luca would be inspired to put his own toys away. So far, he’s put a few things away — and even in the right bin! — but the pictures are mostly for Mom and Dad’s benefit as of yet. One can always hope, though, right? If you need some drawing inspiration, here’s a great place to find basic line drawing clip art:

Key chains as labels on toy bins

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