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Home office with photo wall

Home office photo wall

Here is our office space, adjacent to the kitchen and living room. (Talk about no phone call privacy!) I wanted to do a big photo wall somewhere in our house and it was my mom’s brilliant idea to put it here. I like that the corner adds dimension and that when I look up from my computer for inspiration I see so many people I love. I do like big photo walls with matching frames, but for all the sizes of photos we have, new and old, I felt mixed and matched frames would work best. I stuck to neutral frames of white, wood and black, but then added a just a few with bold colors for interest. It’s not done yet, though — I’ll probably use up all the space eventually.

My husband and I both essentially work from home, so until we buy a house with space for a much-dreamed-about office, we share this tiny little corner space for work. That means we have to find space for his files, my files, ink, paper, house files, stationary … In other words, it’s pretty hard to keep tidy! Here’s how I have it organized.

Marcello and I bought this Bedford Corner Desk Set from Pottery Barn a couple years a go and it has served us well. (The paint has started to wear on the corners from daily use, but I can handle that. Shabby chic is in, right?) You can’t see very well from this picture, but the desk takes up the entire wall space of that little corner. There’s not a quarter inch to spare. God’s little gift to us. There are three file drawers for paperwork, and the two drawers house envelopes, paperclips, stapler and such.

organized office drawerhousemix_homeoffice4

Below the desk is this a small drawer unit on wheels that we bought at Ikea probably a year and a half ago. (I don’t see it on their site now, so they may have discontinued it.) What I like about it most is that the bottom drawer can hold cords so my 2-year-old can’t get to them. And the other drawers help with paper and CD/DVD storage. housemix_homeoffice2

On top of the desk are a couple things that keep all those small pieces that junk things up in a hurry. The red drawers (probably 10 years old by now) hold batteries, cards I can’t quite throw away and cords. The two baskets behind the computer hide mess and keep things out of my toddler’s pudgy little hands. They also make it easy to grab a camera so I don’t miss something! I searched and searched for a white printer so it would kind of blend with the wall and desk. I found this Epson Artisan 725 All-in-One Printer – Arctic Editionhousemix_homeoffice

That’s how we have things organized around here. Have any secret weapons against office clutter yourself?

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