What to do for really bad diaper rash

Diaper rash

A couple months ago my baby boy had horrible diaper rash. It was so bad I decided to call the pediatrician. (Warning: Too much information ahead.) I told her he had diarrhea and even an open sore. She advised me to come in for the doctor to take a look.

What the pediatrician recommended

  1. Alternate putting Lotrimin  (anti-fungal cream that the pharmacist said can also be marketed as athlete’s foot) and hydrocortozone ointment (to protect skin from more moisture) each diaper change. 
  2. Then on top of either of those, put diaper cream. The doctor recommended Butt Paste, which I bought to try, but my trusty old Burt’s Bees diaper ointment seemed to work better.

In other words, for one change put Lotrimin and then diaper cream on top of it. And the next diaper change, put hydrocortisone and then diaper cream on top of that.

The nurse also gave me a few helpful tips

  1. Change the baby’s diaper frequently to keep moisture away from baby’s poor little bum.
  2. Don’t use wipes if there is only urine. Wiping further injures the skin and the alcohol that most companies put in to preserve the wipes can be drying.
  3. If there is number two, still try to avoid wiping and rinse it off.

I’ve used these instructions a couple times since on both my boys and given them to a couple friends who found them useful. I hope you do too!

This helped my sweet boy feel better pretty quickly, but clearly I’m not a doctor. If your little one has open sores call your pediatrician so you don’t risk infection.

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