Welcome to our house!

This is our second home and I’ve been updating and making it our own one thing at a time — though I’m sure it will always be a work in progress! We have three small kids, so my projects have to be squeezed in at night or during naps. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Living room

Fall baby shower decorations

How to decorate for a fall baby shower

Our living area is ever-changing. To see it’s evolution, the gallery wall and more on that crazy fiddle leaf fig plant, go here.


Open floor plan with kitchen, living, dining and office

Gray and white kitchen with Ikea Duktig child's play kitchen

Organized kid cabinet with neutral colors

Paint tile backsplash with oil based paint for an easy update

To see how I transformed dark-wooded, salmon-walled kitchen entirely with paint, go here. (P.S. I didn’t even take off the cabinet doors!)

To see inside my cabinets, see this post and this post.

dining room

Dining room with white walls oversized drum pendant and Eames chairs with rug as art

It ended up being a two-year process, but my dining room is now white and bright with a large table and kid-friendly chairs. Get the details here.

I found that the most affordable option for art on this large wall was a rug. See how I hung it here.

home office

Gray and white Ikea home office for two

Office organization

To see how I put our home office/play room together from Ikea, go here.
To see more about the bird art, go here.

Master bedroom


White furniture and walls in master bedroom

White modern couch with black and white photos

I chose all white for our master bedroom to combat the toys and primary colors that bombard the rest of our house. See the full tour here.

Master bathroom

For more about how I glammed up our master bathroom, go here.
To see how I made a plant wall with faux and real plants, go here.

Kids hallway

Hallway wallpapered with frames of old family photos

I’ve practically wallpapered our hallway with family photos, both young and very old. I even went up over the door frames and into the corners. Pre-made moulding frames and a simple chair rail provide a boundary and ending point.

To see more details on the gallery walls, go here. For instructions on how to put pre-made moulding panels, go here.

Clara's room

A bedroom that doubles as a home photo studio

Luca and Adriano's room

boys shared room organization

Shared white boys bedroom

Organizing a boys shared closet

The boys share a room and it keeps evolving. See some fun projects and printables here.

kids bathroom

How to organize the kids bathroom

To see how I stenciled the walls and updated the kids’ bathroom, go here.

To see the free program I used to plan this room and how I put it together on the super cheap, go here.

Poolside in Florida home

To see more of our patio and find out how to make a succulent centerpiece that lasts years, go here.


My wishlist

I work on our house a little here and a little there. Here is my wishlist and wannabe style: