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Easy DIY art ideas

Our many blank walls have been driving me nuts. I had some white IKEA frames from our last house so I thought I’d get creative and fill up some of these empty spaces! I’m artistic in the way of being creative, but not in the way of skilled painting or drawing. So I’ve come up with… Read More Easy DIY art ideas


Laundry room makeover

Our laundry area is simple and white, nothing remarkable really. I keep thinking I will do something to give it a pop — a stencil, wallpaper, I’m just not sure. But what it does have is a God story. Our old washer and dryer were space-rocket loud, moldy and involved in a potty training accident (like… Read More Laundry room makeover

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DIY nursery projects

I’ve finally finished the baby’s nursery! I had so much fun with my little projects and making her space girly, but still colorful and playful. I started off sticking to a color palette, but it was making the room feel too contrived for me. It was looking like a room for an adult, only with little furniture.… Read More DIY nursery projects


All white master bedroom

I was holding off posting this room until we had a light fixture installed, but with a little one coming soon, I’m realizing I better take a picture of this room before it gets hit by Hurricane Baby. The master bedroom was my first priority when we moved into our house last year. With the chaos and… Read More All white master bedroom

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Make it gold

I bought a can of gold metallic spray paint and I can’t stop making things gold. I had a hodgepodge of stuff from neighbors (I guess we look like good candidates for unwanted stuff?), and I wanted to see if I could somehow make them work in my guest room plan. It was super fast and… Read More Make it gold