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Our Christmas budget

Not every Christmas is the same. Some years cost less, some cost more. This year ours costs less and we plan on giving more. We’ve decided to budget Christmas expenses at $325 for this family of five. This includes decor, kids’ crafts, presents, cards, wrapping supplies, everything except the kids’ Christmas pajamas (which I bought on sale last month).… Read More Our Christmas budget

Decor, Kids

Easy DIY ruler growth chart

My parents have little lines penciled all up and down the molding beside their pantry with coinciding names and dates. My mom started charting my brother’s height, (my short self had already stopped growing, darn it!) but soon there were lines for cousins and then friends and then even grown adults! When people come back to… Read More Easy DIY ruler growth chart


Easter terrarium

I knew the boys would enjoy helping me with this Easter terrarium, which they did, but I’m pretty sure I was the one who enjoyed it most! It reminded me of the little worlds I loved to create as a child. I think we’re going to have to make one for every holiday now! I found… Read More Easter terrarium