Wrapping up summer

I was looking forward to this summer so we could be free of obligation and flow with the wind. Then I realized you can’t flow with anything when you’ve got three kids five and under. In fact, there’s not a whole lot you can do by yourself with all of them. So we spent a lot… Read More Wrapping up summer


Hometown tourist

It’s odd to think like a tourist in the place you were born. I don’t necessarily feel like a tourist, but after living a decade elsewhere, I see my home state through different, probably more appreciative eyes. People there offer an easy smile with a hello, strike up a conversation with a stranger, invite the person at a… Read More Hometown tourist

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Non-touristy souvenir ideas

You can’t escape travels without some kind of crazy story, and it’s fun to have a token to remind you of past adventures — even if they’re the kind “you’ll laugh about later”! Some of my favorite souvenirs are everyday items, bought from a regular store, only from a different land. What makes a good souvenir? Possibly something that:… Read More Non-touristy souvenir ideas