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Halloween Spotify playlist (kid-friendly)

Halloween spotify playlist - An hour and a half of kid-friendly Halloween music for your party. No kiddie tunes and some songs you wouln't think of..jpg

I don’t love creepy or spooky, but I still can’t help but get over-involved in a holiday. So here I am making a Halloween Spotify playlist instead of doing anything productive that really needs to get done around the house!

I’m a little sissy and play scary way down. Like, even “Thriller” is a bit much for me! You know, the creepy guy talking with chains rattling. No. I also have these three little kiddos too, so here’s a kid-friendly Halloween Spotify playlist that is safe for little ears, but without the kiddie tunes. I bet there are some you wouldn’t have thought of!

What is your favorite holiday, by the way?

Also, I took the kids on a fun trip to the pumpkin patch Friday afternoon. The only problem was that they didn’t have enough pumpkins.






When your sister won’t scoot over and make room in the wagon. It’s funny, people comment on how pale Clara’s coloring is, but the truth is I don’t really know what her coloring is yet. She’s so busy and into everything we always do all of our outside activities while she’s taking a nap! That’s awful, I know. Poor girl.


Many thanks to those who reached out to me after my last post. I’m on the other side of that trial now and feel a little bit tougher and a lot more energized. I truly appreciate your encouragement. xo

Clean house schedule and playlist

Clean house playlist and printable weekly chart

My cleaning and menu-planning motivation has hit a brick wall the past couple of months. I mean, the rut is deep. I’m still not motivated, but I’m ejecting myself out of the rut. In the form of dancing. And coffee. But this is happening. I am doing this. I will clean my house.

The key for my motivation (besides a cup of joe) is a good playlist. My latest one’s got the whole family shaking their derrieres. Now the boys say they need some tunes to help them pick up the play room!

So press play and take a listen while you read the rest of the post!

Once music is in order, I need a plan. I’m going back to my one chore a day method. It worked well for me for a long time, I just need to jump back in. This is my new lineup:

Daily cleaning schedule printable

In case you can’t read my handwriting (in which I spelled miscellaneous correctly for once), my current cleaning schedule will be:

  • Monday: update budget, plan a menu, go to the grocery
  • Tuesday: laundry day
  • Wednesday: clean bathrooms
  • Thursday: deep clean kitchen
  • Friday: vacuum
  • Saturday: miscellaneous
  • Sunday: relax, Max

Get the schedule printable in this post.

These are a few things I’ve changed since my last cleaning schedule post:

Budget and menu planning

I allowed one day for updating the budget, menu planning and going to the grocery store. These chores are so crucial to saving money that I want to make sure I have time set aside so they get done at the beginning of the week.

See this post to find out how our shopping choices saved us over $2,500 last year.
See this post for menu planning for non-cooks.


It works better for me to have one laundry day than space it out over the week. Mainly because I hate laundry so very much and leave it in the washer overnight and forget about it in the dryer. Two weeks ago I was using the dryer like it was Clara’s dresser.

When I do all my loads in one day, the clothes don’t get wrinkled and then I don’t have to think about it for another week. My mom thinks this would never work for her, one laundry day, but this seems the only way for me right now. What are your thoughts?

Oh, and I don’t color sort the kids’ clothes. Gasp! I know, but I just can’t. Each kid has their own hamper and I dump the whole thing in and wash it in cold. No mishaps so far, but I don’t really buy white clothes for them, because … well, because they’re messy monsters! I find it easier to not mix their clothes. This way as soon as the dryer is done, I can fold and return all of one child’s clothes back to the closet. Then on to the next one.

* * *

What’s that? You think I could have cleaned my whole house in the time it took me to make a playlist, album cover and write this post? Yeah, probably. But now we can jam out together. Do you like the playlist so far?

What does your cleaning look like? Do you do it all in one day? Space it out in any planned order? Or ignore it, like I’ve been doing?

My favorite worship playlist

My favorite worship music playlist on Spotify

I didn’t used to listen to Christian music in the car all that much, but as I am growing in my faith I’m seeing real value in it. Instead of listening and singing along to songs about breaking up, hundred dolla bills, infidelity, depression, binge drinking and objectification … I’m filling my mind with things of love, hope, gratefulness and unmeasured joy from our Heavenly Father.

I love music from all kinds of genres, but this changes my mindset. It changes my attitude. It resets my tone. It saves the guy driving 25 in a 45 in front of me from getting tailgated and cut off! And in addition to the feel-good aspect of it, I’m learning. It ministers to me, teaches me, even convicts me. (And my kids can listen to it! I even want them to.)

If you’ve never listened to Christian music before, give this playlist a shot. Christian music has come a long way in the last decade, especially in the last few years. It is no longer trying to catch up to the quality or trend of mainstream music, it is pushing beyond with innovation from talented artists.

Check it out, here are my favorites right now!