Merry Christmas 2018

These photos are completely forced. I bribed them with hot chocolate and now I have a dozen photos of the bottom of Santa mugs, haha! 

Next year we’ll do one with the whole family. For real this time! I thought it would be fun to start taking pictures as a family in the same place every year to see how they grow. I’m sure everyone will look forward to that! Just kidding. It’s like herding cats to get a family picture.

I hope you have a lovely holiday with family and friends. I wish you the spirit of peace and love that Christ brings. May God bless you in the coming year!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2018

  1. Lovely photos of the children, my how they have grown since I first visited House Mix! They are lovely.
    Yes, to me, God is real. How strange that this topic has risen. I had a beautiful experience a couple of days ago, I was just thinking about my Salvation and how special this really is. I thought about our Heavenly Father, His unique son, Jesus Christ and the our Comforter the Holy Spirit. While the church of Christ accepts and accommodates expressions of exuberant joy, the true church of God happens where the Spirit of God touches the spirit of man in silence. An experience with the living Christ is strictly personal and takes place in the quiet of one’s spirit. It is in this silence that the unshakable assurance originates that Christ was born on earth long ago and is present with us today. That instant when I lived into the fact that God is Spirit I felt that Spiritual connection between us! It was amazing, wish I could explain it in more detail, I believe you will understand. Hence – you have to Believe, Faith is believing what cannot be seen.

  2. Hi Elize! I love your description of the Holy Spirit at work! Those have been the times I have felt it the strongest too, in the still silence. And it’s hard to describe the joy and wonder of it! It makes me wonder about all the times I have quenched the spirit. You’re right, faith is believing what cannot be seen, but I sure can FEEL is sometimes! :) Merry Christmas! xo

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