Painted kitchen cabinets and tile backsplash — a year later

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Painted cabinets and tile backsplash results after one year

Over a year ago I took the plunge and painted my entire kitchen, including cabinets, backsplash tiles and walls. (And I didn’t take the doors off!) You can see the how-to post here.

Here are a couple before and after pictures:

painting kitchen cabinets before and after

Transform your kitchen with paint - before and after pictures

So how have they held up? I’d say pretty darn well! I’m a happy DIYer when it comes to this project. We have some wear and tear on the two most-used drawers and about six random, small chips.

Chip on painted cabinet

But honestly, I’m surprised their aren’t more dings with two boys slamming their toys into them every day and a husband that does everything in a fast forward, caveman-like fashion.

upclose view of painted kitchen cabinet

I find that the polycrylic finish provided quite a bit of protection and allows for easy wiping up — even old, dried up food splatters. There has been zero yellowing, and we get a lot of compliments on how much lighter our space is now. Ok, no compliments from our contractor friend who installs high-end cabinets for a living. He sort of examined them and didn’t say much. Haha! But when I consider that I did this project for $200 and we have minimal wear, I’m a very happy girl.

My painted kitchen results one year later

The paint above the stove even withstood the rising steam of daily cooking.

Painted tile backsplash results one year later

The tile remains exactly the same as the day I painted it! Not one chip or scratch and splatters and oil wipe right off. I couldn’t be more pleased with the function of the oil paint here.

Touch ups

Tools for touching up kitchen cabinet paint

I decided to touch up the dings and wear around a couple handles this week. Here’s what I did with what I already had leftover from my project a year ago:

  1. Remove hardware.
  2. Wipe down area you will paint. I would suggest not sanding unless the spot is really bad. I tried it and it made the polycrylic peel past the point I was planning on repairing.
  3. Mark chips with Post-Its before you paint so you will know where to apply the clear polycrylic when it’s time.
  4. Paint over worn area with Cabinet Coat and an artist’s brush. Oh, and don’t forget to shake the can well beforehand! Let dry and see if you need another coat.
  5. Apply 3+ thin, even coats of water-based polycrylic finish with sponge brush, allowing to dry after each application.
  6. Put hardware back on.

Painted kitchen cabinet results after one year, plus touch up tips

The silverware drawer was our only real trouble spot, but now it’s all fixed up again. I put extra, extra coats of polycrylic on this time!

Painted kitchen cabinets one year later

What do you think? Would you ever take on this project?

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24 thoughts on “Painted kitchen cabinets and tile backsplash — a year later

  1. Brilliant! A google search for “painting cabinets without removing doors” led me straight to your blog post and I’m so glad it did. A fantastic looking result. We move house in a few weeks and the kitchen is dark jarrah – aaargh not my taste at all. I’ve repainted tiled bathrooms with good success so figured I could take on the ugly kitchen. Your post was just what I needed to read. Thanks!

  2. It’s amazing how much it brightens the space and makes it feel bigger to go white! So glad I could help. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Hello! I’m thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets and I’m curious if you painted over your hinges? I refuse to take my doors down but I’m worried that painting over the hinges won’t hold up or will make the doors close funny.

  4. Hi Sandy! I did not paint the hinges — for the same reason you gave. I painted around them with an artists brush.

  5. Trying to find Pinterest re: painting ceramic tile?
    Also how to paint door knobs ( with colors)
    Can you help?

  6. I painted my backsplash with oil paint successfully, but I’ve never painted door knobs. Spray paint might be a good option for even coverage and that stuff sticks to everything! They also make a whole variety of colors now.

  7. Thank you for your detail explanations…i love it. I’m putting my house up for sale in the summer and no money for big projects. I’m painting the walls white/beige, i dont have any backslash but it need some work and the cabinet i will definitely paint. Any suggestions for make-do backslash?

    Thank you…great job!

  8. amazing. love it. have you ever painted a countertop? the one in my bathroom is pink, I will probably have to just replace it.

  9. Thanks, Natalia! I have not painted a countertop … yet. I’m thinking about trying to paint the one in our laundry area, but not sure what color! Probably not pink ;)

  10. I have read and reread and can’t find a name of the white paint color you used for your cabinets??? Love the look!

  11. Hi Deborah! I just used the standard white that the Cabinet Coat enamel comes in. You can order it on the Home Depot website (I don’t think they carry it in stores) or on Amazon. I hope that helps!

  12. Hi Christina. I’m not sure if it can be. They sell it online at Home Depot (and possibly in-store). Maybe it’s a question they would be able to answer that. I’d love to know too, if you find out :)

  13. I found you while searching ‘paining kitchen back splash’. I’m currently painting my cabinets and I know my tan backsplash won’t match. I’ll look into the paint you suggested. Just need to see what colors are offered. Thanks, you have given my encouragement. Now my husband, he may freak out! Lol

  14. I’m glad I could give some encouragement! Once you get the ball rolling it’s hard to stop isn’t it?! I hope everything turns out beautifully.

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