Sew small rugs into one big rug

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How to sew small rugs into one big rug

I looked everywhere for an affordable, colorful rug for baby’s nursery, but came up short. I had something like a bold vintage kilim rug in mind, but my budget squashed those hopes and dreams! So I went about it a different way.

Urban Outfitters Right Angles Handwoven Rug

I fell in love with Urban Outfitters’ Right Angles Handwoven Rug, but it only comes in 2×3 and 4×6. I decided to order six of the 2x3s and sew them all together to make a 6×6 rug. I ordered one first, just to be sure I liked it. When that passed inspection, I ordered five more. I spent $144 for all of them, which worked with my pocket book much better than a vintage find.

Here’s how I sewed them together:

Upholstery thread to sew small rugs together


  • Scissors
  • Upholstery thread
  • Large, heavy duty needle
  • Small rugs


About 2.5 to 3 hours


  1. Arrange rugs how you want them to go together. Mine were slightly different sizes, so I fit them together how they lined up best.
  2. Cut off the tassels off one side of each rug, leaving the tassels on the outsides. I left the knots of the tassels, though, so the rug won’t unravel. 
  3. Sew the sides together on the top three, and then the bottom three with a heavy duty needle and upholstery thread. I kept the rugs laid out right there on the floor and made a stitch about every 1/4 inch, pulling as tightly as I could after each one.
  4. Then sew all the way down the middle, joining all six rugs.

How to sew small rugs into one large rug

Fortunately the construction and pattern of the rugs hide the areas of shoddy workmanship! I didn’t do a perfect job, but I’m still quite pleased with the results. And now I have my fun, colorful rug. I’m hoping baby will like it too.

Six Urban Outfitters Right Angles rugs sewn together to make one large rug

Small colorful rugs sewn together for one large rug in nursery

Kid tested small rugs sewn into one

A little wrestling to make sure the rugs will stick together. Thanks, boys.

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