Inflatable globes for kids’ room

globes on shelves for kids room

I adore globes. They catch my eye on a shelf every time without fail, and they were one of the first things I bought for my son’s nursery. I wanted fairly large ones, and quickly realized inflatable was the way to go.

Top Ten reasons why I love (inflatable) globes:

  1. Globes have beautiful color palates — blues with pops of yellows and greens.
  2. Globes remind us of past travels and culture.
  3. Globes remind us of places we still want to see.
  4. Inflatable globes cost far less than than the real deal.
  5. Globes are educational and spark kids’ curiosity.
  6. Globes are gender neutral.
  7. The inflatable version can add height to medium-sized shelves and you don’t have to worry about something heavy falling off on someone’s little noggin.
  8. Globes work in any room in the house.
  9. You can reuse them for party decor (travel or adventure themes).
  10. What kid doesn’t love a beach ball?

I bought these inflatable globes (affiliate link) from Amazon.

I’m happy with my globes (in case you couldn’t tell), but if you’re looking for 100 percent global accuracy and seams that match up perfectly, then probably don’t buy the inflatable version.

1 thought on “Inflatable globes for kids’ room

  1. Love these inflatable globes, how cool are these?
    Found some on eBay too and putting them in my boys’ (also just a year apart) rooms just as you have :-). Thank you for the inspiration.

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