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Wine corkboard

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bulletin_wine_corks I made this bulletin board with corks I saved from the first several years of my marriage. A giant glass vase collected corks from shared bottles of wine with friends, date night out, or a quiet evening at home. It took a LONG time, but I was finally able to do something with them!

The board hangs in our kitchen and displays cards and notes from family and friends. Christmastime is my favorite, when not one cork is left poking through. But the nice thing is the board is beautiful even if there’s nothing hanging on them, too. Having the corks on display reminds me of hundreds of beautiful, sentimental moments.

Tips on making your own corkboard

  • Wait until you have all the corks necessary to start the project. They come in so many sizes that you’ll need to lay them all out in your frame before you glue. 
  • After you’ve laid your corks out in your desired pattern, take one out at a time to glue and put back. That way all the pieces of the puzzle stay where they should.
  • And if you’re impatient, you could try sawing them in half to get double the corks.

bulletin_board_pin I hang cards with small sewing pins with the little pearls on the end. They’re delicate, don’t distract from the art, and they’re inexpensive.

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